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Witnessing an Accident…especially with TRUCKS!

Did you witness an accident?

If you get hit by a car, wouldn’t you want a witness to stop? Someone who can make sure you’re ok, call 911, and talk to the cop to help verify your story? We know we would! That way, no one can pull a fast one about what “really” happened or pressure the others to not call the cops.

We’ve seen it time and time again – when there are no witnesses, people start denying the obvious, changing their stories – really anything to try and save a buck on their insurance rates.

They could care less if you got hurt, if you’ll have medical bills, or if you’ll miss work. A witness pulling up to the scene of a collision puts a stop to that really quickly.

So if you witness a collision, follow your civic-minded instincts and stop! It’s obviously too late to stop the wreck from happening, but it’s not too late to preserve the truth and make sure the right person accepts responsibility.

About those trucks…

Now, we’ve already appealed to your civic duty and told you the importance of stopping if you witness a collision. Now we need to mention a very dirty trick that TRUCKING companies are known for – pulling out witness statement forms that just so happen to already be filled out in ways that (conveniently?) help out the trucking company!

No injuries? CHECK.

Truck driver not at fault? CHECK.

Just sign here!


First, don’t be afraid to throw that witness form away, especially if it’s already filled out for you. You have NO obligation to do paperwork for a trucking company. Tell what you saw to the police officer, not a truck driver. Second, if you do fill out the form, make sure it reflects what YOU want to say, not what a trucking company wants you to say.

A witness’s responsibility is to the truth and the people in their community, NOT helping a trucking company play dirty!

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