At Levine Law Group, our nursing home neglect attorneys help individuals and families fight back when their loved ones have been mistreated in nursing homes or other medical care facilities.

Neglect in a nursing home is not always caused by intentional disregard. In some cases, the facility itself does not properly and effectively manage the care of your loved ones. For example:

  • There may not be proper organization of medication, resulting in the failure to administer medication
  • There may not be enough nurses and certified nursing assistants on staff to meet the needs of the residents, causing malnutrition, dehydration or physical injury
  • Staff may not be trained in how to effectively handle challenging residents who need extra care

Staff may leave residents and patients unattended for extended periods of time, resulting in various nursing home injuries.

When nursing home residents are injured or suffer death because of neglect, the attorneys at Levine Law Group are standing by to take on the nursing home and fight for the rights of those who cannot fight for themselves.

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