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Levine Law Group Sponsors Local Cycling Series Supporting Gender Equality

It is 2018, and in the world of cycling, women continue to struggle for equality. Though women often ride the same courses, they typically don’t get the same coverage or prize money as their male counterparts. As professional women’s cyclist Amanda Batty states “There currently exists no rule for equal salary, equal payout, equal support or equitable treatment of women in cycling. None.”


At this weekend’s 18th Annual Crossroads Classic in Statesville, however, there will be a different story. While the women’s prize money is typically a fraction of the men’s divisions, Mooresville’s Levine Law Group is making up the difference for this series. “There is no reason why the women shouldn’t earn the same prize money. They are elite athletes who are working and training just as hard as the men,” says founding attorney and avid cyclist Michael Levine. Levine Law Group supports gender equality and the women who compete in the Crossroads Classic will experience that in a tangible way this weekend.


Levine Law Group, in partnership with Huseby.com, sponsors both men and women’s USA Crits D-1 Elite Cycling team. Originally founded as a club team, it has grown to support this domestic elite team with both men’s and women’s squads. In their first year, the women’s squad is turning out impressive performances as team members from across the US and Canada dominate podiums across the country. Members of both squads will be competing Friday and Saturday nights.


Come join the thousands of spectators who will descend on Downtown Statesville to cheer for both amateur and professional cyclists during these thrilling races. This form of street racing, called criterium or crit, has been described as the “NASCAR of the cycling world.”  These races will follow a closed L-shaped circuit through the streets of downtown, with cyclists going over 30 miles per hour. And give an extra cheer for the Levine Law Group athletes. They’ll be the ones in pink.



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