June Staff Highlight John Yurkanin

I truly enjoy being with my family and that is my priority outside of Levine Law Group. In the pictures are my two god kids Cameron and Kylie, my son Alexander and my girlfriend Tonja. The sports teams I cheer for are the Eagles, Phillies, Flyers, 76ers, but also cheer for Hornets, Panthers, etc because my son Alexander was born in Charlotte and those are his favorite teams. I am also a Tar Heels fan when it comes to college sports. I have two dogs, Mack and Alicia. Alicia is the younger one that we rescued. I am a family man, and family is my first priority. I help with homework and chores and I love to walk and play with the dogs in the dog park. The kids and I love to go on many adventures (I am a kid at heart)!


– How long have you worked for Levine Law Group?

Currently 5 years, but I worked for LLG previously before I went to Chapel Hill for 3 yrs. So a total of 8 years.

– What do you do exactly at Levine Law Group, what does your work day look like?

I serve as the face of the firm to potential clients while providing information and empathy under stressful situations. I travel to potential client’s residences, place of business or the firm’s office or satellite office to conduct an initial consultation. I also make an initial determination on case acceptance. I handle all aspects of our client’s property damage claims from getting initial intake forms filled out to collecting evidence on accepted cases. I also assist with litigation prep and assist attorney during trials, as needed.

– What is your favorite thing about working for Levine Law Group?

I enjoy helping people that are in need. I also like that they are really big on family here at the office.

– What do you do when you aren’t working?

Spend time with my family, god kids and dogs.

– One quirky fact about you!?

I’m usually either listening to rap or NPR. It’s pretty much on either end of the radio listening continuum.

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