August Staff Highlight Dania Shea

I have been working with Levine Law Group since March of 2015. At Levine Law Group, I am the litigation paralegal and handle the cases that get referred to court. I draft pleadings, meet with clients, draft discovery, schedule cases with the court, calendar deadlines, work with opposing attorneys/judges/mediators/arbitraitors/expert witnesses, handle billing and mediation and deposition scheduling for lit cases. I also work on estate files in the office. My favorite things about working for Levine Law Group are that every case is different so it never gets boring, getting to meet with clients and of course my lovely coworkers.
I live in Troutman, NC with my two children, Cara and Cody, who I can always count on to keep life interesting. We have two dogs and a cat and I’m pretty sure it is their life mission to see how many times a week they can get covered in mud. Since I have a short attention span, I change hobbies about every three weeks to keep it new and exciting. Some of my hobbies consist of running half marathons, going kayaking, camping, tubing, sky diving and supporting my Denver Broncos (my ringtone for all work calls is the Monday night football theme song). You can usually find me outside doing something adventurous! One quirky fact about myself is while I love to go crabbing, shrimping and flounder gigging I hate seafood.

Thank you Dania Shea for all you do for Levine Law Group!

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