Advice from Michael Greer about Workers’ Compensation Cases

I’ve been helping people deal with workplace injuries for more than a decade now. These are folks who are not only hurt, they’re often a little bit scared and a little bit confused. It’s about getting better, and it’s about figuring out your job security and your income for the long run. If I could give just one piece of advice, it would be to call a workers’ compensation lawyer as soon as you can. Compensation laws are some of the most complicated laws we have. One simple mistake can cost you everything, and the insurance company wants you to make that one mistake. I give free and confidential consultations, and I can help explain the process, without your employer ever knowing that we’ve spoken. That way you can decide what’s best for you.”

Five Issues I Hear The Most:

  • I think I can handle it on my own. – The laws on workers’ comp cases are very tricky, and once you make a mistake we may not be able to fix it. If you’re hurt on the job, call for a free and private consultation right away.
  • I wasn’t really “on the clock” when I was injured. – “On the job” injuries don’t just mean “on the clock” injuries. If your injury is tied to your job at all, call us and we can explain your rights.
  • The Insurance Company is calling me, why? – If the insurance company asks for a statement, they’re looking for a loophole to deny your case. Call us so that you don’t fall into any of those loopholes.
  • Should I return to work? – Returning to work is one of the most important stages of any comp case. Call us before you return to work so that you know the full story before making your decision.
  • I am worried about losing my job. – If you’re worried about losing your job, you may have reason to be worried. We can explain these laws to you so that you know your rights and how to plan accordingly.


Being injured at work can be very scary and confusing and you want to believe your employer has your best interest at heart, when unfortunately that isn’t always the case. Call us to consult with a Levine Law Group Workers’ Compensation attorney today 1-877-660-4357.

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