5 Tips for Driving in Windy and Rainy Weather

Hurricane Hermine has slammed into the Florida Gulf coast and has now weakened into a tropical storm; which has now reached South Carolina and Georgia and is expected to head north and deteriorate as  this weekend progresses (September 2nd-4th).

We at Levine Law Group are here to give you a few tips if you happen to find your-self driving this weekend in extreme weather conditions.

  1. Get a solid grip on the wheel – make sure both hands are on the wheel firmly, this will help from gusts of winds wrenching the wheel away. Keep the left hand at or near the 9 o’clock position and the right hand at or near 3 o’clock position.
  2. Slow down – Leave a large buffer zone between you and other vehicles being the roads have now become unpredictable due to debris and other possible hazards along with your vehicles may not handle as well with the wind gust and large pools of standing water.
  3. Watch for objects and debris blowing in the road – Be very cognizant of possible tree limbs, debris and other hazards that may arise during your drive.
  4. Expect gust and large pools of water – Expect to be blow around and hit large pools of water so you are not caught off guard which could lead to you possibly over correcting and leading to a wreck.
  5. Look for shelter – If you begin to lose control of your vehicle or are having trouble seeing due to the rain; the best plan of action maybe to pull over and wait it out. Do not just stop on the side of the road. Pull off a safe distance, away from trees and power lines. An overpass may provide shelter from extreme winds, but be wary of buildings that aren’t sturdily built. And, if heavy rain accompanies the high winds, don’t stop in a low-lying area near a body of water. It may flood and sweep your car away

No matter what the conditions are, always buckle up and be prepared, always expect the unexpected.


Have a safe and Happy Labor Day Weekend,