Levine Law Group’s 3 Do Nots After a Wreck

Car wrecks can be very scary when they occur. Follow these 3 tips at the scene of the car wreck, then call Levine Law Group as soon as possible…


  1. Don’t Apologize or take blame – Do not admit fault at the scene of a car wreck or in conversation with an insurance provider afterwards. Be honest about what happened, but avoid saying things like, “It was all my fault.” These types of statements can be used against you later by insurance company, which will likely try to avoid paying for damage caused in the accident or by the other parties involved in the accident, who may file a lawsuit against you.
  2. Don’t agree to NOT call 911  A police report can be crucial to establishing who was at fault for the wreck in a possible lawsuit. A police report will include very important information about the car wreck, including road conditions, names and contact information of witnesses, and an official write-up of how the accident occurred.
  3. Don’t let the other drive take a picture of your drivers license – In this digital age, the ease of capturing a photo of your license (and all the info it reflects) gives thieves and scammers the opportunity to steal your identity and possibly wreak havoc on your finances.
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